Chaoqi Wang

Chaoqi Wang

Email:  alecwangcq [at] gmail (dot) com

Intro.  I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Chicago. Previously, I was a M.Sc. student at the University of Toronto and Vector Institute, where I was lucky to work with Profs. Roger Grosse and Sanja Fidler. Before that, I received my undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Zhejiang University. During my undergraduate study, I worked on Approximated Nearest Neighbor Search under the supervision of Prof. Deng Cai.

Research interests: interactive machine learning, reinforcement learning, Bayesian machine learning and deep learning.

Publications & Preprints


Uber ATG
Nov 19 -
Graduate student
Vector Institute
Sep 17 - Oct 19
M.Sc. in CS
Univ. of Toronto
Sep 17 - Mar 19
Research Intern
Sep 18 - Dec 18
B.Eng. in CS
Zhejiang University
Sep 13 - July 17


+ Conference Reviewer: ICLR, NeurIPS, AISTATS, ICML (Best reviewer)
+ Journal Reviewer: PAMI


+ A Course Presentation on Byzantine Vector Consensus in Complete Graphs in CSC 2221.
+ Hobbies: climbing, skiing, swimming and soccer!